21/6 -Shipowners' Initiative Toward Decarbonisation

Will we keep our industry’s edge? Ships carry large volumes over long distances which makes them the most sustainable transport mode. To preserve the industry’s edge over the other transport modes and to improve matters wherever possible, action is required.

21 juni 2016
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Time for action?! Shipowners and policy-makers have been debating the role of maritime transport in a sustainable economy for many years. The Royal Belgian Shipowners Association (RBSA) has been playing its role as a facilitator in this endeavour. Why? Because, according to us the gradual evolution toward a CO2-neutral economy is a golden opportunity to be seized by the industry.

Don’t miss this symposium. Instead of debating for years what needs to be done, time has come to determine which technical measures to reduce greenhouse are realistic in the short and long term. We will show policy-makers that our sector wants to move forward in this matter.

Therefore we will organize the symposium to discuss the course towards decarbonisation with engine makers, ship yards, designers, academia, port authorities and visionary CEO's from shipping companies.

Our moderator is Julian Bray, Editor in Chief of Tradewinds.

This is a FREE symposium offered by RBSA, ECSA and Wärtsilä  (billing information is necessary to subscribe - you will NOT receive an invoice)